Thursday, November 25, 2010

Modern measure of love

No, this isn't a dick joke sicko.

Do you talk about your lovers in the crapper?  Do you phone your lover while on the crapper?  That's love.

Last weekend I was walking out through our lobby at the Slobster and noticed our two teenage hostesses huddled together reppressing what could only be laughter.  I'm generally annoyed by teens and so I shrugged with indifference and kept walking.  That is, about two more steps.  Then I heard "and den dat muthafucka ate my puusssy reeeaal good..." come melodically from the women's bathroom.  And the teens burst forth with peals of giggles and laughter.  Annoying but appropriate.

Teen Hostess 1 says to me "They've been in there talking like that for at least 5 minutes!"  Giggle snicker snort.  She has tears at the corner of her eyes.  "And they've been talking just that loud!"  There are double doors between the host stand and the interior of the ladies' crapper. 

"And she talked about EATING HIS ASS!" mindless teen drone #2 says about 40% too loud for any setting, let alone a work place that doesn't involve a pole or creepy guys "massaging their leg" as they walk up and down aisles of porn.

While I can see the fun in standing here and listening, I can also see there are customers out in the parking lot and they look to be coming in.

I look at the seating robot twins and say "When the ladies ask, tell them it was 'just some guy'".  They give me blank dumbfounded stares.

I push the first door open with my foot and say rather loudly "HEY!  Keep it down in there!"  And pound on the wall and then walk out.  There was a small shriek emitted when I said "HEY!" and then lots of laughter.  From the bathroom and the host stand.

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Anonymous said...

A bigger concern, the cheap carpet being used to renovate Red Lobsters looks too much like the the carpet at Wendy's. Customer's think that this means they don't need to tip much at all, in mine capitalist mind Darden stock won't hit a $100 and split by spring soley because of this.