Friday, October 21, 2011

Spam and Asian wedding

Yes, a strange title to this post, but it really is the intersection of my last week.

A couple of days ago I was cleaning out the spam box in my email account.  How did the world know my penis was so small?  By the amount of cock enhancement messages I had in there you'd think I was hung Asian dude.

Why'd I go there?

Earlier this week I served the wedding rehearsal party of a really cute mid-40's Asian couple.  The gentleman was very soft spoken, nearly submissive to his wife early on in the evening (they were at our store for about 2.5 hours).  It was a small party - 7 people - so I made sure they enjoyed themselves and had a good time.  Unfortunately we didn't have any Asian beers, so the gentleman began ordering Top Shelf Margarita's, and after the majority of 4 of them, he became my newest best friend.  Thankfully he wasn't a loud drunk.  But at some point as they all were a few drinks into their evening (and heading to a bar later they said) they started joking with one another, and to a certain extent with me as well.  They were a bit isolated from our other tables, and it was dead because of some other area activity pulling people away.

As they joked, the jokes got slowly but surely more risque (though never offensive).  Somehow their lovemaking (the to-be-wed) became the point of discussion and my new best friend managed to inform me, and the whole table, that while he's hung like an Asian he make up for it with a tongue like a serpent - while making the tongue between fingers gesture ala Kingpin.  The party roared with laughter, with the exception of his mother, who just stared ahead at her food.

Unintentional hilarity is the best kind!

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