Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Surf & Turf - our new promotion at Red Lobster

Goodfuckingbye endless hell....I mean Endless Shrimp.

Love seafood and steak? At Red Lobster's Surf & Turf event, you don't have to choose. Our Grill Masters are cooking up three mouth-watering Seafood & Steak combinations, like Maine Lobster & Peppercorn Sirloin for just $19.99, or our New Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp & Blue Cheese Sirloin for only $14.99. Try them all today!

 NEW:  Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp & Blue Cheese Sirloin
Bacon-wrapped jumbo shrimp paired with a peppercorn-rubbed, wood-grilled sirloin topped with a blue cheese sauce. Served over mashed potatoes with fresh broccoli. 14.99

 Wood-Grilled Maine Lobster& Peppercorn-Grilled Sirloin
Our wood-grilled split Maine lobster tail, paired with a peppercorn-rubbed, wood-grilled sirloin. Served over mashed potatoes with fresh broccoli. 19.99

 NEW:  Crab-Topped Peppercorn-Grilled Sirloin
Sweet lump crabmeat in a creamy hollandaise sauce over a peppercorn-rubbed, wood-grilled sirloin. Served with mashed potatoes and fresh asparagus. 17.99


Jake said...

I love how, no matter how high the price gets, they continually will add 'only' or 'just' $**.** as a marketing ploy. Highway robbery. I'll stick with my $10 mexican platter thank you, at least it comes with chips and salsa.

And yes, good thing endless shrimp is gone. Time for the shrimp to repopulate!

Simon said...

Can you share with us some reviews on the Surf and Turf offer... I heard this offer comes during November every year.. Is it worth the money ?

Lobster Boy said...

Sorry to whomever's comment I accidentally deleted - it was a comment affirming my underselling the "endless hell".

Lobster Boy said...

Is the surf & turf worth it? Depends on where you live as much as anything I suppose. It's decent food. I really like our steak, though it's nowhere near the best I've ever had.

Lobster Boy

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Endless Shrimp is over.

The steak w/ crab hollandaise sauce is delicious. Its fixed sides include asparagus, which is awesome.
I didn't care for a the bleu cheese sirloin, but that's because I think bleu cheese tastes like ass.
Woo, our regular steak with our regular grilled Maine tail. No biggie.

And that thing with mussels (can't remember what they're calling it. Lobster Bake?) can get tossed out as far as I'm concerned. I tried a mussel, just to say I had, and I almost vomited.

There's a review for anyone who cares. Meh.