Saturday, December 10, 2011

I think Mad Money's Jim Cramer reads my blog

Saw this among some of my stock reports that came in yesterday (via CNBC) and I literally laughed out loud:

Friday, December 16
Darden Restaurants [DRI  43.21    0.13  (+0.3%)   ] reports before the bell, and Cramer wants to hear a recognition that something is structurally wrong that management needs to address, or we need new management. This is a name that pays you to wait, but Cramer is nervous the company has lost its way.

"...nervous the company has lost its way" - this gets a no shit sherlock from me.  I've been beating that drum for quite some time - like say 5 years.  FUBAR is what it is, and leadership is what it isn't.

Glad I liquidated my DRI a while ago.  Too many eggs in that basket for me at the time, and the writing is on the wall that unless something changes the slow steady decline will increase in pace.  I buried that money into some gold that I just recently got out of and made a nice fat pile to invest elsewhere that I think has a better future upside than gold.

No, I'm not giving you stock tips.

But I will say that I find Jim Cramer very entertaining, and generally a good source for intelligent investing philosophy advice.  Pay limited attention to the specific stocks he talks about and capture his overall mindset and you can do pretty well in today's market if you are patient and not blindly gambling.

Anyone got in-roads to the Zynga IPO they want to share with me?  I promise I won't hold onto my shares long.  (Cramer is dead on right on this too & is mentioned in the article as well).

I only have two real stock market regrets - not buying a ridiculous amount of Google at $150 when I had the chance, and selling a dead cat immediately before a sizable bounce.  I could've cut my losses on the dead cat by 60% had I waited 2 weeks.  Oh well, it's part of the game.

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Jim Cramer Action Alerts Plus said...

This is what I love about Cramer. He is more often than not brutally honest to the viewers about his picks and recommendations.

As you may have noticed Zynga was a complete dog of an IPO. Although many are excited about it still, I am not so sure. Yeah, I remember when Google was cheap too...

I don't see Darden shooting up anytime soon, which along with the poor management may be a signal to watch this one. I have often had success upon finding out bad news about a great company. I watch it as it goes down and buy.

Unlike most people I still advocate a buy and hold strategy but more like Cramer, buy and homework.

Thanks for the great blog. I am glad I caught this.