Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Free Shoes! Remember to comment and email me!!

I'm giving away 5 pair of Shoes for Crews shoes.  Click here for details.  Yes for free.  So you have to be either A) pretty stupid B) really lazy or C) both to not enter.  Seriously, it'll take you 20 seconds.  Get off your digital ass and do it.  Plus share it with some friends/family/coworkers to leverage the bonuses!

So far I've had someone write me a poem.  Someone appeal to my intelligence.  Someone try to make me laugh.  Someone wrote me a a rap of sorts.  Plus lots of broke ass blue collar workers.  All of whom are deserving.  But only 5 will win.

As one of the all time great TV Characters would say:

"Free shoes dumb-ass!"
--Red Forman (aka my dad)

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