Monday, December 10, 2012

Darden backs off on some 'Obamacare' changes

Sandra Pedicini, of the Orlando Sentinel, continues to lead the way in Darden/Red Lobster coverage.  She has a great piece covering how Darden was working on a scheme to screw the working stiff out of health care under Obamacare.  I've mentioned before I'm not a fan of Obamacare as it stands, but this is some dirty shit and I'm glad Red Lobster had their balls busted hard for this.

One of my favorite segments of the article comes from some customers who are leading the way in my customer of the year contest:

Customers such as Gary and Jane Bradford of Kissimmee said they stopped visiting Olive Garden and Red Lobster once they heard about Darden's plans to cut worker hours.
"We decided we were no longer going to go to their place of business, if that's the way they're treating their employees," Gary Bradford said.

 If you own Darden stock and you haven't liquidated it, come next Spring I suggest you get out.  The people "leading" Darden are lower than whale shit on the bottom of the ocean, and those kind of people nearly never lead an organization upward.

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