Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas - The Season's Upon Us

Christmas without having to work at the Lobster is a gift in itself.  And I'm looking forward to drinking myself blind on New Year's Eve and sleeping in the next day until the threat of pissing myself forces me to get up.

I don't have a lot of close family (though I do have a large family) so generally I end up with my old lady's family.  And short of the hot skanks in the video below, it looks a lot like that, though dominoes are sure to make a showing every day.

If you are waiting tables this week, may your bank at the end of the night be big, your customers generous and patient, and you cooks mostly sober!  Be safe out there, have fun, and merry fucking Christmas!

My Christmas list if you are buying (it's your money, so I'm going to be generous to myself):
B002TAEGHC Lagavulin Scotch Single Malt 16 Year
I tried this Scotch a while back and was impressed.  Outside my normal, but an interesting contrast.

0756658985 Michael Jackson's Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch
The only thing ever made by a Michael Jackson I'd be willing to admit I own.

B005QU9LPO Ole Smoky Tennessee Apple Pie Moonshine 750ml
This is to help me forget my name on New Years.

B005HQST7I Macallan Scotch Single Malt 18 Year 750ML
I tried this at an upscale joint a while back (don't ask what the pour price was...) and was blown away.  Thankfully, I wasn't paying that bill.  The old lady's boss likes a good Scotch and doesn't like to drink it alone.  Me likey!

B005P1A94G New Balance Men's M990 Heritage Running Shoe
Yes, I'm that old fat bastard that runs in New Balance shoes.  I have to do something to keep from getting fat(er).  Between booze, not waiting tables, and being home near the fridge more, the shoes should probably be first on my list.

B00746MXF8 Apple iPad (16GB, Wi-Fi, White) 3rd Generation
I'm tired of carrying my laptop everywhere.  I had a Netbook, but that sucker fried itself a while back.  I think my Macbook might be on its way out too (yes I backup regularly).  With an iPad I'd just build a low price box for my home and use the iPad 90% of the time I suspect.  Since I already have an iPhone, the iPad seem the way to go.  If I have to spend my own money, I may very well venture into one of the Chromebooks.  The old lady already has one of the Amazon Kindle HD's (she's the early adaptor of the household, I get her stuff as hand-me-downs, which is how I'm rocking an iPhone now).  And since the old bag won't share her fun toys, I'll just have to get my own.  No perv, that doesn't mean sex toys.

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Anonymous said...

It never seems like Christmas at the Red Lobster.

We cannot have a Christmas tree because it might offend some of our guests. This year we don't even have the few Poinsettia plants scattered around that were suppose to bring in the Christmas cheer.

Darden will not give their employees a Christmas party, or even send us a Christmas card.

We are allowed to wish our guests a Merry Christmas as opposed to the Happy Holidays rule in past years.

Darden makes Christmas a depressing time for those of us who are still hanging in there.