Sunday, March 17, 2013

A drunken Irish blessing

Is there any other kind?

Drink be with me, drink within me, don't drink behind me, don't drink before me, drink beside me, drink to win me, drink to comfort and restore me. This leads to drinks beneath me, drinks above me, passed out in quiet, our lives in danger, fear in hearts of all that love me, drinks in mouth of friend and stranger. I bind unto myself the taste, The strong taste of whisky, wine and women; By invocation of the same. The Three in One is grand, and One in Three is nice for me, Of Whom all debauchery  hath creation, Eternally hung over, spirit in my cup, words of wisdom for all: Praise to the drink of my salvation, Whisky is my king.

My ex is an Irish woman from the Boston area, and that seems about right for her family.  To her credit, she turned me on to Irish whisky.  While not my preferred Scotch, it'll do in a pinch!

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