Friday, March 22, 2013

NCAA Basketball Tournament

I'm not a big basketball fan, and this is especially true of the college game (men's or women's).  But I do seem to always get sucked in to a few games this time of year via the men's NCAA tournament.

One thing I have taken note of this year is the exceptional branding the NCAA has done with their product.  While some of the games are being shown on the largely obscure TruTV station, and many others on TNT or TBS, a significant number are on good old broadcast CBS.  But that's not the great branding job.  Where the NCAA has hit it perfectly is by making ALL of these games available for viewing online.  That is outstanding.  Take your very best product and give it away to everyone with internet for free.

I sat in a restaurant late last night watching some of a game on my phone.  At no charge.  Installed an app, and off it went.  You want to build your base, this is how you do it.  You don't do it by burying your best games on NFL network.  You don't do it buy having a League Pass.  You don't do it by creating something called "Insider" and charging extra for it (yes, ESPN, you're not above criticism in this).

Sure, the NCAA has gotten a sweet TV package to support this, but they've gone above and beyond where they didn't have to.  While I'm normally on the outside looking in at these games because I don't care, I've been drawn in more this year that probably any other, and it is because I can follow the game from my office, to the bus, walk down my block and into my house and not miss a dribble, no look pass, or buzzer beater 3.

Well done.

The only direct thing this has to do with Red Lobster is that I've seen a crazy amount of surf & turf ads via these games from Outback Steakhouse.  Looks like a good price for their steak and lobster.  I might have to check it out.


Anonymous said...

i just wanted to let you know that I'm having trouble reading your blog on firefox. I just get the picture of the red lobster, and it says its loading, but text never comes up. I had to switch to Chrome, in order to read it. Don't know if its just my computer, or firefox.

Did you know that Slobster is now offering coupons via Facebook for "buy one Lobsterfest, get one half off"? Yeah, why not just pay people to eat here? Ugh....

Lobster Boy said...

I'm guessing it is your computer or system. I use Firefox exclusively and it is looking great for me. I do also have Windows7 and my FF is fully updated.