Friday, May 17, 2013

Hey ladies! It's summer time.

It is that great time of year again where water remains in its liquid form in the outdoors - summer time - aka construction and/or mosquito season depending on where you live (both for me).

I just wanted post a quick reminder to all you ladies out there about your fashion choices.

I'm a tall man, and when I walk up to the table where you are seated, I inevitably will be looking down at you with a few exceptions in most Red Lobster bars.  Back in my olden days, I'd actually squat down or kneel down next to my booths to get at or below their eye level.  This was also advantageous because I could hear people better.

But as I aged (read as my knees went to shit and back began to betray me...) I largely had to stop doing this.  So I'd arrive at your table and regularly get a nice view all the way down your blouse to your belly button ring.

I know when you were at home looking the mirror that your lose v-neck summer weight blouse seemed like a good idea.  It doesn't look all that bad on your frankly.  But it is more revealing than you might realize.  Just standing here I can see that lefty got a double piercing and you have a long hair growing out of righty.

Believe me, I'm not some prude opposed to looking at free titties.  But I suspect that this is not the intent of many of you ladies when you were going out to dinner.  And I'm not talking about the trashed out skanks where this was the intent to begin with.  If you come in wearing something from Madonna's concert wardrobe that basically says "please stare at my rack all night long" I won't fell bad if you're getting checked out.  Though ironically, more often than not if you are wearing that outfit, you're NOT the woman we want to look at anyhow.  Though our old bus boys were less discriminating...I digress.

So as you are picking things out ladies, keep this top view in mind if you care about your modesty.  And when you forget, the male servers of the world thank you.

Other runner-up views are side boob, sleeveless boob views through the pits, and the always reliable bending over down blouse view.

And yes, I should be applauded for not including a picture...

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steve_in_pa said...

I'm a huge fan of bending over down blouse view. We all need a hobby, right?