Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Could you please cook my food really, really slow?

What a nightmare of a lunch. Our normal Expo was off for the day, so it was the "B" team running the line. Meals that usually take 7-8 minutes were regularly taking 22-25 minutes to cook. We were on line for 3 hours at lunch today, not because we were busy, but because our cooks couldn't grab their own butts with both hands. This is the worst possible time for slow tickets. We do quite a few business people through our store on a normal lunch, and they all have places to go and things to do, and waiting for a lunch is not on that list. Generally, we have to NOT ring in our tickets if we have people who want a more spread out pacing at lunch. Today, the second you got the order you sprinted to the computer to ring it in with hopes that it might take less than 20 minutes. It's hard to make any money on a lunch when you can't turn your tables. It's worse when everyone is pissed, and has been waiting in the lobby for 20 minutes to just get a lunch.

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Anonymous said...

I'll see you your 20 minutes and raise you this - at my RL, 20 minutes for a lunch is a GOOD time, regularly. The last friday night I worked, WE TOOK AN HOUR TO MAKE ANYTHING - EVEN FRIED FOOD. The hosts actually had to stop seating in intervals of 10 minutes so our line (which must have the collective IQ of a door) wouldnt get even worse.

- Jon

Lobster Boy said...

They've been getting our best guy time off during the day (like today) for exactly this reason. Lent/Lobsterfest really pumps up the traffic in our store, to the point where every Friday we're hitting 1100+ guests. That's insane numbers, almost Valentine's numbers. So by getting our best expo time off during the day, we can have him more of the busy nights, but the problem is then that our lunches suffer. I'd rather have it this way, but it sucks when you're waiting for your food. Our food flies out on a Friday night during Lent. Unless we get a run on some food, we almost never run slow because of our kitchen on Lent Fridays. Other times, yes, but this is the big time every week for 10 weeks and they don't screw this up (thankfully).

Lobster Boy