Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's day is gone!

As far as Mother's Days go, today wasn't all that bad. It was endless parties in my section. I saw more ugly hats than I believed existed. What is it with UGLY hats on Mother's Day? We're talking hats seen any other time would be considered Halloween costume material. Bizzare.

I had one of the most ignorant and obnoxious guests that I've had in a long time today. She asked for something that I could not give her, and I explained nicely that we could not do that. She pitched a fit, insisting that I bring it the way she wanted it (which was an impossibility). I kindly explained a second time that we are unable to do that. She kept on pitching a fit, all the while I tried to diffuse. The people at her table were enormously embarrased for her. After she left, her son (who manages a restaurant in another part of town) apologized profusely to me for her actions, and then left me a fat 20% tip on a sizeable check. She complained about everything throughout the meal, returning perfectly good food, and made obnoxious and petty requests. Sometimes adults are worse than children. To really make things strange, her last "discussion" with me was her trying to convince me to come to her church someday. She wins my wingnut of the day award.

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The Necklace Lady said...

My daughter and I had our Mother's Day today, Monday. We went to The Grove near CBS studios for lunch and ate at Marmalade Cafe. Wonderful food! I had Filet Mignon tacos. After, we went to Sprinkles for cupcakes and to K Chocolatier for truffles.

Sounds like your Mother's Day was fine except for the wingnut! ;-)

Lobster Boy said...

I can't believe that people will wait 2 hours to get a table at Red Lobster, except for the fact that I see it at my store all day long. Our store had a waiting line from 10:30am before the doors opened to 9:30pm. Absolute insanity. We ran out of foods, had people have to run to other regional stores, all kinds of crazy things. I think we should take reservations for MD, and tell people that their time starts at the top of the hour, and at 55 after they have to get out. That gives us 5 minutes to clean up and get reset before the next table comes. Oh to work in fine dining where this is the case (well, they don't make their guests leave I suppose).

Lobster Boy

The Necklace Lady said...

What a great idea, LB! Sounds like you better put that in the suggestion box and maybe you'll get employee of the month..... or... not.... ;-)

daytime said...

Mother's Day is hell working in a restaurant. I worked 11 hours this year's MD and made $208 at my mid-priced Italian chain, and I don't think it was worth it. I made just as much working the same hours the last two nights, and it was five times easier. Lots of cheapos who sit the rest of the year out like to surface on these Hallmark holidays. Wrote a MySpace blog about it - like to hear it, here it go.