Friday, May 12, 2006

State of flux

The Lobster Boy has had a busy week. Almost every day has been a 16+ hour day with work, school, and helping my wife with some stuff. I'm drained, and I still have a long Friday shift and a miserable Mother's Day shift to deal with. I need a vacation.

It was an interesting week. I had a job interview at a place I have hinted about in the past on this blog. It's a fine dining place (actually the guy owns a couple of places in this region) that I would really like to have a shot at. The interview was strange, but I thought it went well. I was asked some interesting questions. The part that caught me the most unprepared was when in the middle of a question my interviewer (the GM) stood up and walked to the wine rack and pulled a bottle and came back to the table and handed it to me. He stated "Sell me this bottle of wine" and sat back down. I wasn't ready for that, but I recovered quickly, and I think I did pretty well considering I had never seen that type or brand of wine before. I made it up on the fly, and when i got home I Googled the bottle and found I was pretty close in my description from ignorance. This is a place (and guy) who know wine. They reportedly have one of the very best wine collections in all of the mid-West. Having seen it (and imbibed a few bottles from the stores over the years) I must say it is the most complete list I have ever seen. Wines from $30-$500 per bottle, and possible more from their "special" stores that aren't listed.

Running this ragged makes me feel like I'm falling to pieces. Things are being sacrificed in ways I don't like. Something has to give, but hopefully not until the end of my school year.

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reillyp said...

Try what I've done - I only work lunches. I've figured out how to get the most money from the old folks that come from the nearby hospital, theres less riff-raff (you know what I mean), and the ticket times are so fast, no one isnt satisfied. If you figure out how to do it, you can make up to a c-note per shift. I havent made less than 70 at a lunch shift in a long time.

- Jon

PS dont mind my blogger identity, its wrong.