Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ideas for posts

I've been blogging long enough now that I find myself coming up with ideas for posts at work. I have some good ones that I just need to find the time to put down on here. I came up with a great one tonight, one that is more fictional, but should be funny when I figure it all out. Generally my ideas are base on past and present personal experience. From time to time I borrow from my observations of thing occuring to other servers as well.

Red Lobster is switching to a new promotional July 18th and will have a new BBQ shrimp, and a couple of other new meals (including a new Salmon meal). I got a bunch of info on it a while back, but can't figure out where I put it, so when I have time I'll dig around and get something posted for those interested.

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Duckie said...

I just found out the other day that as an employee of where I work, I'm not allowed to post comments about my place of work or I get written up. Is it not the same way for Red Lobster, or have they just not found your blog?

Lobster Boy said...

In the tracking of who reads my blog I see that Red Lobster is aware of my blog. I don't know beyond that. I only wish they would actually pay attention to my blog and fix the dumb things they do. You would think a corporation of this size would be one that could avoid poorly thought out things, but they regularly do things that make servers across the country shake their heads in disbelief. As for whether they know who I am, I doubt it, but it is possible. It is part of the reason I tend to be a bit vague though on some things, and I often post on events that happened a while ago as opposed to just the day of the event. I know I have some co-workers who breeze through here without commenting who know who I am. But in the end, I am a voice for all the servers out there, not just me. Rarely are my experiences and thought unique to me, I just appear to be the only one currently blogging about it.

Lobster Boy

Brad said...

A post about a post to come. Fascinating. I think Server Stories did soemthing like that.

Lobster Boy said...

Yeah, but I post a lot more frequently! See mine is already up.

Lobster Boy