Monday, August 07, 2006

Revealing clothing

From time to time, we as a wait staff, have both the pleasure, and displeasure of observing and serving people in far too revealing clothing. I have found myself musing on this on numerous occasions. Do you have a mirror in your home? Who/what are you trying to attract by this choice of clothing?

A while back I approached a table with an early 30's woman and man sitting across from each other. I do my intro, and look down at the woman. I see she is wearing a skirt, but it is a very short skirt. A skirt so short that now that she is seated in a booth, I can see her panties from where I am taking her order. I can also see she must have had a bikini wax recently. Not really what I want to see while I am waiting tables, it's...err...a bit distracting.

Another fashion choice that I wonder about is women who are basically wearing lingerie tops, often without bras underneath. While on some women this is an impressive look, on most of the women choosing to wear this it is decidedly not flattering. I understand you want to look good for your date/husband but there is also a place for a bit of modesty. That might be great at the club, but this is a family orientated chain restaurant. Furthermore, these tops are often very revealing to anyone who is standing over you (waiter, people walking by the table etc.). Every time you lean forward you give the world a great view of your nipple. These tops aren't tight on top like a bikini or a bra would be, so you can see it all. Again, not really what I am interested while taking your order. You might think this is a summer problem, but it's not limited to just the summer (but it's worse now). I've seen more breasts than the mammogram machine. And believe me, many are ones I really would rather forget (think pancakes in a tube sock).

Or how about the trend of the low rise jeans. If you have recently had a child, you probably should wait on the low rise jeans and the thong. When you bend over to pick up the toy/carrier/purse/etc we see far more than we would like. You think plumber have issues, we need a tub of Crack Spackle stat!

Now these fashion choices aren't limited to just women. Earlier this summer I had a classic male one. It was the tank top that is basically just strings over the shoulder and the shirt itself starts far too low. The guy wearing it looked like Ned Flanders, but the gay version. Sir, I really am not all that interested in knowing that your nipples are double pierced. Honestly, this guy looked like he just stepped of a Village People video. The shorts were short and tight, the hair slightly too poofy. I expected him to break into YMCA at any moment.

Or one of my least favorite of all times, the man in biker shorts (spandex). Last time this one happened someone had to keep me from plucking my own eyes out. I don't care what you do/don't have in your pants sir, I'm not interested. People are trying to eat here!

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First Year said...

I can definetly understand that problem.... sigh I often wish people would take a look in a mirror, practice sitting in their ensemble and do a nipple check (yes you DO need to wear a bra!)

Brad said...

This is exactly why I don't eat at Red Lobster. I can't see paying $20+ a plate to share space with hillbillies and welfare recipients. A simple dress code requiring a shirt with sleeves and a collar would take care of the problem but I think that these people are exactly the kind of low class demographic that Darden is catering to.

Lobster Boy said...

I'm with you there Brad. Our next promotional is ALL YOU CAN EAT (Hell) SHRIMP. That promotional empties the trailer parks and ghettos faster than the words "free beer".

Lobster Boy

BoringTales said...

I totally agree. I don't know what people are thinking.

What gets me is that society normally doesn't bat an eye at seeing these kind of displays, while they may be in bad taste, but gets up in arms when a mother is nursing.

So what is your take on nursing in public lobster boy? We know how you feel about unruly toddlers!

Lobster Boy said...

I'm actually all for nursing in public, when it is done is a polite and descreet manner. I've had women lift the shirt, flop the tit on the table, and take a bit of time to find the kid before feeding. That's NOT what I am in favor of. It's been so bad at times that we've had managers have to ask women to be a bit more descreet in their practice on rare occasion. Nursing is natural, and enormously healthy for the infant. Now if it's a 6 year old... (flashback to "Me, Myself and Irene")

Lobster Boy

Ranter said...
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Ranter said...

Funny, you've probably seen more exposed flesh than we have. It's not uncommon for men to strip off in the middle of the store to try on a shirt or polo. I've once had a man change his pants at the counter! There was a woman waiting behind him, but what can I say? He couldn't be bothered going back to the fitting rooms!

And how do you tactfully tell someone their shirt is only half done up, exposing their bra? Maybe they intended to flash themselves at innocent bystanders?!

Lobster Boy said...

We see far fewer men inappropriately dressed. That being said, we see more men than women "poorly" dressed - ie they were just under their truck changing the oil, replacing the muffler and greasing all the zerks and then came directly to Red Lobster. Or men who are wearing a 1987 tee-shirt of their favorite sports team and it's been worn and washed so many times it's a near miracle there is anything left of it. But I can say I have never had a guest (yet) take his pants off in the dining room.

Lobster Boy

Duckie said...

This was an excellent post. I'm surprised you havnt gone wacko yet. heh heh

Lobster Boy said...

I was in a local big box store today, and had a great clothing comedy moment. I was looking for some hardware for a cabinet, and a mid 40's lady walked by me, looking a bit proper, probably because she came right from church. As she passed by, I noticed 10 or so inches of white toilet paper trailing behind her, coming from inside her skirt (out the top). That was too funny.

Lobster Boy

Duckie said...

i've walked out of a bathroom with toilet paper stuck to my shoe, that was embarassing.


so i found this from a google search engine. and i found your blogs hilarious. i work at red lobster as a hostess. yeah i know i don't have it the same as you but i totally understand where you're coming from with these blogs. and it made my day :D

i'llnevertell! said...

hey waiter, just wanted to swing by and say, as always, great post and thanks for the link!