Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Numbers

I work with some really attractive people, both men and women. Far better looking than any random sample of the general public. In fact, better looking on average than any other restaurant I have been in (especially worked in).

Sure some of it is that a bunch of our servers are roughly collage age, but even those who aren't run towards the top end of the curve. Gay or straight, they are better looking than average (for the most part). White, Black, Latino and Asians, they are some above average looking people. Garrison Keilior could probably come up with a good quip on that.

Some of it makes sense, all other things being equal I would favor the better looking person to get the bigger tip. Service is not "looks" dependent, but it never hurts to have that added onto good service. Many of these beautiful people are smart too, so it's not the bumbling blond brigade or anything of that sort.

Working as a server is one of those jobs where when you see your co-workers outside of work in real world clothes you can find yourself surprised. While you realize there is beauty, when everyone is dressed normally it is far more obvious. It is interesting to see a group of my co-workers out at bars together. I've observed on many an occasion the stares they get from all around the bar. People gravitate toward them. Guys miss pool shots. Women throw darts into the wall. It distracts people. I suppose we just are used to each other (and by we I'm not including myself in the good-looking category), but others are not. It's weird when you step away and observe for a while. This phenomenon was first noticed when a small number of us broke away from the main group one evening to play a game in a corner of the bar away from the bulk of our co-workers. Somebody remarked it was like moths to a light in how people would find reasons to go past or interact with our group of co-workers.

Someone else remarked (a guy of course) that it was like "all the babes left their ugly side-kicks at home and came here tonight." We laughed, but only because it appeared to be true to an outsider. And I'm sure a few cocktails didn't hurt the humor either.

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1 comment:

ktlee said...

At our holiday party it was almost had to recognize some of my coworkers. They looked so normal in their street clothes. Quite the lookers outside of their kahkis & polos.