Wednesday, January 31, 2007

NYC: Foodblog central

New York already thinks that it is the center of the universe, but in this case I'll give it some props for being the home of many great food/service related blogs. I was reading a newspaper article today and came across a new (to me) site that New Yorkers might find interesting (and anyone visiting New York. The site is called Eater. Their purpose is to give some of the behind the scenes type of stuff about NYC restaurants. Who's opening, closing, and whatever other sundry info they can gather. They have info on how long it takes to get reservations at popular restaurants. They detail who the "gatekeepers" are in getting those reservations at said swank places. I know that when I have lived in large cities that this information would have been very useful to have, especially in one site/location. While it obviously doesn't cover every restaurant in New York City, it does have a nice collection going so far. It also has a lot of solid links to other NYC related things (including blogs like Waiter Rant). Just thought I'd pass it on for anyone interested in these types of things.

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