Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl

Working during big games like the Superbowl sucks. If your restaurant has any TV's people are glued to them and stapled to their seats. Good luck turning any tables. Since Red Lobster isn't really the sports bar atmosphere, most of those people camping in our sections aren't padding their bills out with extra appetizers and lots of beers. The Super Bowl is the worst, but there are other games and events that are bad too.

I'm going out on a limb and predicting the Patriots win. If I was betting on the game, I'd say the Patriots win by AT LEAST 24 points. I just don't trust Eli Manning yet. Maybe he'll prove me wrong.

Weigh-in in the comments with what you are eating and drinking during the big game.

I'm going with some Guinness from the can(s) (with the cool aerosol balls!) and a meat and cheese platter, with some killer pizza to follow. Hopefully the food coma kicks in if the game becomes a blow out.


6th Floor blog said...

I made a spicy chili with cinnamon, chipotle and some chocolate. also a spinach artichoke dip.

guess you were wrong. I bet on the Giants (I'm in New York though) to cover, but they did more than that.

Half Ocean Half Sky said...

I work at the Olive Garden, so I've followed your blog for awhile...

I worked superbowl sunday and fell asleep. Literally. No joke.

I thought you would enjoy this story from work last night...

I'm bartending with another girl, and it's 9:45. We're almost done cleaning the bar and getting ready to go when this old man comes in and sits down. We are already annoyed he is there and then he's ridiculously rude to me (demanding a "plain" scampi" for ten minutes until I finally figure out that he wants the Sicilian scampi appetizer WITHOUT the bread. Which wouldn't have wasted my time if he had just told me he didn't want the bread.) and so I pass him off to Lisa because she has more patience and old men love her.

So he is flirting his ass off with her, tasting EVERY SINGLE wine we have, telling her (mind you he is well over 60 and she is 25) that he is going to come back to the OG and he would love to take her to dinner and all that creepy stuff.

Mid-sentence he SPITS HIS TEETH OUT ONTO THE BAR. I kid you not. A partial front bridge flew out of his mouth and onto the bar.

He opens and shuts his mouth a few times because he's drunk and I guess he didn't realize that his TEETH WE NO LONGER IN HIS MOUTH, then tells Lisa that maybe she should get his check.

It took everything I had not to wet my pants from laughing so hard and I give Lisa mad props for holding it in. She has a lot more control than I do.

Anyway, I thought you'd enjoy that.

skybluegreen said...

I finally got a new computer! I have been following your blog forever and when my laptop went down, i didnt know what to do.... Anyhow, i use to work at the OG, a few different neighborhood bars, and a dinette. So I can relate to everything you blog about. I especially love the xmas present one! I cant even tell you how mny times I would come out of the alley and look to the left to view the front door and low and behold there were women and gifts galore! All those shiny gift bags and wrapping paper..... No but seriously you are hilarous and I have a lot of reading to catch up on your previous blogs, so I better get goin. Just wanted to let you know you have another dedicated reader!


Cheesemeister said...

Who the hell would go to Red Lobster to watch the Super Bowl?? That's just dumb.