Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Inept Managers In Training

It cracks me up to see idiot managers flame out. Not good managers mind you, the idiots. One of the worst things for crew morale are managers who can’t grab their own ass with both hands. An experienced staff member can smell incompetence from a mile away. When a new manager comes in, bragging about all their years as a manager of some other dumpy chain (Denny’s, Perkin’s, Waffle House would be some prime candidates), you worry. Then when they back up that concern with incompetence you really worry. Especially if you are the person training them. I’ve trained a lot of people in my years, and only a few of them were 100% incompetent in serving food. Some might be at the 25% level, which is bad, but with a lot of practice, diligence, and good training they will eventually figure it out. But when you have no personality, are afraid of customers, and are too lazy to do the basic components of the job you are being trained for, that is a problem. And it is an absolute train wreck when you are a manager in training. How do I kindly inform my GM that I wouldn’t put you in a section with only a 1 top for you to serve? What am I to tell the regional director, who I've known for more than a decade, when I have to explain he hired a completely inept tool? I don't want to ruin your career, but there's no way in hell I'm turning you loose in another Red Lobster.


Anonymous said...

It's always funny when a server thinks it's easy being a manager whether in a restaurant or a banquet hall (like me). Trust me, sometimes I'd prefer going back to being a waiter than dealing with all the crap I do each and everyday.

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Unknown said...

LOL I work at Denny's and we have a really good staff. Recently one of our managers (who gave favoritism to the waitresses who would blow him in his office) got booted and we have a new, pretty cool GM.

Just know that not only trash works at Denny's ;)