Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy VD.

Ahh...that wonderful scent is in the air.  Fumbling sexuality masked by too much crappy cologne.

I do really love working on Valentine's Day.  Lots of two tops that you can move fast.  The seafood is good but it is getting in the way of our fucking time so can you put a rush on it please.  Her husband gets home at 8, and I don't want to pay an extra night's rental on the ball gag and sex swing...

Seriously though, I've always made good money on Valentine's Day.  Good volume for a mid-week day this year.  People trying to impress someone else also often helps a bit with the tips.  Plus, on VD people drink.  Sometimes it is to loosen them up.  Sometimes it is because they know what lies ahead, and I'd drink too if I knew I'd be doing the nasty with "that" in the not too distant future.

The best thing on VD is gay couples.  I seriously want to open a restaurant that serves nothing but gay men.  Maybe I'll even call it Valentine's.  They dress nice, often are cute to boot (no I'm not look at you...you big hairy bear).  They know how to put on cologne.  They can rock a cardigan or argyle without looking like a tool.  They give each other cute well thought out gifts.  They eat well - and I'm not talking the 6lbs of fried shit platter - and then they tip even better.  Plus, they always have some cool party to get to, so they don't camp in my table costing me money.  I think I'd be gay just to go to their parties.

Well...maybe not.

The drawback is that my old lady gives me hell for once again working on VD.  I do make another night special (honestly...every night is special with me...) but she still gives me shit after all these years.  But, she still puts up with my shit after all these years, and in the end, that is what it all about.

Happy boning.

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