Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cranberry-Apple Sangria

I should mention that anything with Tuaca is worth drinking.  You could mix that shit with motor oil and I'd down it without a second thought.

This comes from Red Lobster's recipes.

This special variation of sangria would be the perfect complement for South Beach Seafood Paella. Try orange wedges and green apple chunks for a beautiful garnish.

Serves 4 (or one if you really want to tie one on!)

  • 4 oz. canned cranberries, pureed
  • 1 bottle of Chardonnay
  • 1 bottle of White Zinfandel
  • 2 oz. Tuaca liquor
  • 1 mini-bottle (approximately 1 2/3 oz.) of Sour Apple Pucker
  • 1 mini-bottle (approximately 1 2/3 oz.) of Triple Sec
  • 4 oz. cranberry juice
  • 2 oz. orange juice
  • Orange wedges and green apple chunks for garnish
  1. Place the canned cranberries in a blender and puree for approximately 4-5 seconds. The mixture should not be totally smooth. Measure out 4 ounces.
  2. In a two-quart container or pitcher, combine all the ingredients.
  3. Stir well and store in refrigerator until ready to serve.
  4. Serve approximately 6 ounces of the beverage over ice in a tall glass. Garnish with a fresh skewer of fruit using the orange wedges and green apple chunks.
Chef's Tips:
It's best to make sangria a day in advance, because the longer the flavors can blend together, the better. Don’t put the fruit into the sangria at the last minute. Allow it to soak up the flavor of the liquids. Use a quality wine in your sangria, and make sure to put it in the glass or pitcher before you start mixing in the other ingredients. Since fruit is a great expression of the seasons, use those types that are fresh and in season. For example, during the summer, mix a white wine with peaches, nectarines and blueberries. In the winter, use citrus fruits like oranges and tangerines. In the fall, choose apples and berries. Be sure you use fruit juices that are consistent with the fruits in your sangria. In the summer, use peach nectar. If you’re using citrus fruits, use orange juice. If you're using berries, use cranberry juice.

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