Saturday, January 12, 2013

Irony of Google Ads

I was just looking at this blog since there was something wonky going on earlier this week with advertisements.  It seems to be fixed.  Good.  Not sure how whatever happened, happened, but it has been taken care of from all that I see.

And so I'm looking at the site, and the first advertisement that Google serves me up?  A ad for Red Lobster's current promo.  I laughed out loud.  You'd think that maybe they'd make an exception and NOT give me that ad.  I could care less about it being on the blog, but to me personally?  It'd be like giving Mike Tyson advertisements for boxing lessons.

If I haven't mentioned previously, my ad revenue goes to a good charity of my choosing.  While it isn't a ton of money, I'm sure it helps them out, as nearly every quality charity runs on a pretty tight budget.

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